Youtube Premium Family

Over Internet 02.07.2020

£ 2 per month

Payment method Paypal Friends

can be canceled monthly: term up to unlimited

24H Premium test possible before payment

Just write privately

I only need your email address (not your password), then I will send you an invitation link to my family account so that you can keep your account. I can only see your email address and name, but not who you are subscribed to or what you are viewing.



How many devices can I use YouTube Premium, YouTube Music and Google Play Music on?

You can use YouTube Premium without restriction on all devices on which you are logged in with your YouTube / Google account. 

  • Is it 100% private?

Yes it is, only your profile picture and name will be visible to all co-users after you have joined the family group, but all other data such as subscribed channels, your emails, Google search, YouTube search and other data are not visible and therefore safe.

  • Features you get:

YouTube Premium:

  •  No ads
  •  Download videos
  •  Run videos in the background

YouTube Music:

  •  Read music in the background
  •  download music
  •  No ads
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