wanted CEX vouchers, worth upto £180

Leeds 09.10.2017
Will pay the 80% rate as usual. 
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Hi safia - I have deleted & relisted my CEX voucher ad on here as traded something else in today & now have £182.50 cex credit for sale. Let me know if you're interested, cheers.

safia - 10 days

Hi. Can i use these vouchers online? I will have mine and yours. Want that LG 6 . no stock locally at all.


Hi - sorry this site doesn't appear to bother telling you when someone replies to a message so I didn't see your reply - I've actually now sold the vouchers to someone else. Good luck getting the vouchers you need anyway, cheers.

safia - 9 days

I couldn't message you on hot deals because they have changed it all.


I thought something was wrong. Thanks anyway.