ViewSonic 28" UltraHD 4K HDMI LED Monitor

Spalding/Pinchbeck 24.04.2017
This is a great monitor, very crisp image. I bought it to use with my iMac, but it only has Windows drivers so didn't work very well. Since then I've been using it as a to play retro games on, but I'm decluttering and can't justify keeping this. If you have a Windows computer or games console to use it with, it should be ideal.

There is an issue where occasionally(maybe once or twice in 5 or 6 hours) it will flash pink for a second then carry on perfectly for several more hours. I've never looked into what causes this and it could be the quality of my cheap HDMI cable.

The monitor has HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini Display Port as well as built in speakers and a headphone socket.

I'm open to reasonable offers for this monitor which is only about a year or two old and cost over £250 new.
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Hey do you have a model number for this? Im in the market for a new monitor and this looks ideal.


Yeah, it's on one of the photos, it's VX2880ml.


where are you based?


Spalding in Lincolnshire. But I'll be in Atherstone and Nuneaton tomorrow if that suits better.

harji12345 - 2 years

ill be on the other side of coventry in warwickshire, about 25 miles from nuneaton, my cars in for an MOT at the moment, any chance you could drop it off?


Warwick would be over an hour round trip I'm afraid. I'm only over for about 5 hours to visit family. Let me know if you're able to get over somehow and I'll happily meet you.

harji12345 - 2 years

no worries glws :)