PlayStation Vita Console (PAL), 32gb memory card, Persona 4 Golden (US copy)

Newport (Isle of Wight) 15.06.2017
PlayStation Vita (1st gen - PCH-1003) including mains charger, 32gb memory card, soft case, screen protector (not installed) and US copy of Persona 4 Golden for sale. Looking for £120 PPG payment only. Not really sure on the value so open to good offers.

Individually priced if not sold as a bundle, but is preferred:
Vita console, charger, case, protector - £80
32gb memory card - £40
Persona 4 Golden - £15

Light scratches on reverse and minor marks around edges gained through general use. Never dropped and has always had a screen protector, until today!
Also for sale on AVForums (username in pic is username on AVF)
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