*NEW* Razer megasoma professional gaming mousemat by gamers for gamers

London 14.06.2019
White with an exclusive green ambient glow
Optimal performance for both laser and optical mice
Silicon mouse mat for pinpoint precise tracking and optimal grip
Large mouse mat suited for most gaming environments
Sized at 350mm x 230mm x 2mm

Mixture of hard and soft pad, the Razer Megasoma is a mix of hard and soft mouse pad. It combines the tracking quality and precision of a hard surface with a pleasant feel and the incredibly smooth glide, which has to offer the soft pad, in a single document.

Ultra-rugged gaming pad

Enjoy the ultra-rugged, bruising free surface designed for far-reaching movements and rejoice at the same time transparent silicone megasoma and their self-luminous and translucent logo.


The flexibility of silicone makes the Razer Megasoma transportable. No matter where the next game starts - you can roll it easily and at any time to take the next LAN session.
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