Microsoft/Xbox gift card with £400 value

Bristol Urban Area 10.03.2018

I entered a competition with Microsoft and won a £400 gift card to use on the Microsoft or xbox store. It isn't much use to me so I am selling it.

It can be used towards software for windows and xbox machines or to buy hardware from the Microsoft store including xbox one x and all accessories.

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Xbox credit usually goes for 80% of face value, which would be £320? I know it starts to sound really low when you are talking this amount of money though. And could you provide proof of the competition? It's just that I haven't seen a credit amount this large before. Cheers


Hi there, thanks for the interest. Regarding the value, I won't be willing to drop 20%, I would rather buy some hardware or software myself over selling it for 320, however I am sure there is some wiggle room. Ok, how to prove the win, I am unable to post pictures here in a reply, I will try to edit the original post in order to show the win in there. The competition was the flip and win promo they ran on microsoft rewards recently, I actually won a fifa 18 icon bundle, however when I won they said it will be a code to the value of £390 to redeem on that if I choose. However when they sent me the code it was for £400. Have a look at my feedback, I have been a member on here since it changed over from hukd and have been a member on there for over ten years with the same username. I have now edited the first post to show the emails etc from microsoft.


Yeah I saw our feedback and thanks for replying. I am just extra wary on this site after being scammed by somebody. And the mods not being much help, and sometimes not even bothering to reply. I've been buying codes from an online store for appx £42 per £50 worth. I think that's too far away from where you want to be? Cheers edit: well done on the win by the way. I wasted a ton of points on that and didn't win a bean!