FOR sale CEX voucher £1448 (small amounts available )

London 20.04.2017
Here I have £1448 in CEX voucher/credit. Can be used online or in store. Happy to sell as a lot or separate. 
Good way of getting somediscount for someone looking to buy something. 
Am happy to sell whole lot for £1205 
Or small vouchers with 8% discount. 
Free delivery via post or I will message/email the code to buyer. 

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hi I need £170 at 80% willing to pay £136 with paypal goods and services only.


I can take 400 at 80%. can pay by paypal or bank transfer. Voucher first. I have feedbacks. I have been buying a lot of CeX vouchers. I am happy to pm you on HUKD to prove my ID and history on HUKD.


Hi I am sorry but 80% is too low. I would rather buy something for myself


how mich do you want and will you send first


is 83% what you want considering the price you set.