Brand New: Library of Fragrance 30ml sprays for her inc Sunshine and Four Leaf Clover

Devizes 04.01.2018
Two brand new unused 30ml sprays from Library of Fragrance for her. Including Sunshine and Four Leaf Clover.  What does Demeter’s Sunshine smell like? Think of your favorite, most comfortable cotton T-Shirt left outside and warmed by the sun. We thought long and hard about what elements we could use to express the idea of Sunshine. After a debate that lasted more than a year, we decided Cotton, warmed by the sun, was the smell that best represented the idea of Sunshine Now we had a direction, but executing that direction was easier said than done. It took almost another two years until we felt this fragrance was done. Let us know if you think it was worth the wait.
The Library of Fragrance Pick Me Up Cologne Four Leaf Clover is a vibrant, rich, deep and green scent that is a celebration of not just clover, but the rugged and untamed nature of the Irish countryside. These colognes can be layered to create scents that are unique to you. Mix and match any two, or more, to create combinations for every mood and occasion. 

Wearing them on their own or together these are scents are fragrances that are perfect to last all year :)

Payment via paypal or bank transfer. Shipping via myhermes at 2.80 :)

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