Billion Bipac 7800N ADSL2+ Modem Router

Glasgow 15.06.2017

For sale is one Billion Bipac 7800N. I imagine you know exactly what you're after if you're looking at this listing so it doesn't need me to tell you that this is an absolute brilliant piece of kit.

The device is in perfect working order and reason for sale is that I have now upgraded to router only due to having to move to cable.

What you will receive:
1 x Billion Bipac 7800N
1 x Power Supply

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In no way related to this seller and am on fibre now, but this is the best modem you can get if you are on an ADSL2+ line. You can increase line signal noise ratio (SNR) yourself with this to boost speed which means you don't need to rely on your provider to tweak settings at the exchange . . <a href=""></a>

bathingape - 11 months

Cheers for the comment :) I now have the Asus RT-AC68U, which is a fantastic piece of kit too