AVOID Scammer - TJtrade

London 16.04.2017
Please avoid this seller as Amazon ecode received was already redeemed on another account. Luckily, I paid via goods/services so I have raised a dispute against him. I have requested a full refund. Thanks.
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TJtrade wants me to remove this ad, so he can refund me. Not going to happen. He needs to refund me in full and then we can part ways and I will take this post down. Until then, not.


Yes TJtrade is scammer dont buy from him


Same here JD. Pay day loaner. Got me twice (refunded me once straight away, still waiting on the other). To be honest, leave the ad up.


Thanks for that info...... I thought non physical items, such as codes were not covered though with PayPal purchases.


Hi all, just to let you know, I am covered by PayPal goods/services because I immediately raised a dispute and then escalated it to a claim immediately. I have evidence that what was provided was not as described. Also, I received an email from lokal admin who are looking into this type of scam as it was confirmed that he was a scammer. Also, thanks to howbord, please avoid jjones or jonseyj7 as well. Scammers are setting up multiple accounts and leaving feedback for each other, thinking they are reputable, but are not. I have also heard of scammers claiming someone's else identity from HUKD that had good feedback before, but did not have it transferred across to this site. However, I cannot remember an example of this. As per lokal admin, only deal with people with good feedback - so I would only deal with people with reputable feedback from now on.

Juxta-Dowgle - 3 years

Thats interesting, as on HUKD I was Dowgle, but when I tried to sign up for here it said Dowgle was taken so I chnaged it to my backup. I also requested my HUKD details transferred over last week and it still isn't done. Makes me think someone has taken my Dowgle details as it is pretty unlikely some randomer would sign up with the same username.


Yep, don't let the scum get away with it, leave it up


Have you had any luck with the claim back?

JDavies - 3 years

Hi, yes. Claim was successful. Are you also claiming?


No, but remembered about this listing the other day, had fingers crossed for a good outcome, glad to hear it was so.


Thanks I don't know how to find him or I'd warm others