Apple iMac 27" 5K (i7 6700k, Radeon M395X 4GB, 16GB RAM, 2TB Fusion/Late 2015)

Atherton 13.10.2018
Shalom all and welcome to my listing for a beautiful Apple iMac 27" 5k Retina.
The machine itself is in immaculate condition with only a very small... "thing"? I say this because I don't actually know what it is or where it came from. I've attached a picture of this in the images, it was hard to take a photo of this as the "thing" is so tiny. This obviously is cosmetic and doesn't affect the operation of the machine in any way.
I've had this beast for around 3 years and it's functioned magnificently. It's never been repaired or taken into Apple for repair. The machine was bought under educational programme whilst I was at university and still has warranty present so you'll be getting an even better deal here.
The machine was Apple's top-of-the-line spec boasting a 5k Retina Display, Intel i7 6700k, AMD M395X 4GB GPU, 2TB Fusion Drive and 16GB RAM. This was and still is a beast of a machine as the i7 in this will be perfect for gaming and video editing. It'll still plays all new games at a great FPS and is whisper quiet.
Speaking of which, the machine also has a genuine Windows 10 key activated so if you ever come to use Bootcamp or install Windows via an external hard-drive, your Windows will be activated on installation.
You're probably thinking my reason to selling this and it's mainly because I want to venture into VR gaming along with wanting to downsize my desk to a smaller monitor.
Included in the sale is also a Belkin Thunderbolt Dock (worth £200!) and an accompanying thunderbolt cable. This will give you an addition Gigabit ethernet port, two extra Thunderbolt ports, Firewire, mic/audio input jacks and 4 extra USB 3 ports.
In addition, it also comes with Apple's Magic Keyboard/Mouse 2 set so you'll have a genuine rechargeable mouse/keyboard to go with it (I'll even throw in a lightning cable).
If that wasn't enough, it also comes with the original box and shipping box. I wasn't able to take pictures at the time of posting but I assure you it's the original box.
Serial number(s) will be noted down for security reasons but if you'd like to check this yourself I'm more than happy to hand this out to assure genuine buyers.
Pickup/collection only. Can be seen working. If you'd like to arrange delivery, inbox me and we can go from there.
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