Rules of

We appreciate that you want to sell on Since we aim for a seamless user experience, you should the following points:

  1. Terms of Service is for private sellers only, so if you are a commercial vendor, is not the proper platform for you.

  2. Banned Items As a general rule: Articles which violate applicable law or/and morality aren't allowed on

    Due to some restrictions by law, we have to prohibit the following articles:

    • Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Medication
    • Article, which violate § 86a of the German criminal code (e.g.: swastika)
    • Services of any kind
    • Forgeries & Pirated Material
    • Living Animals of any kind
    • Promo versions
    • Weapons of any kind (including knives or self-defence weapons)

  3. Hints & Tips for your Ads Some tips for an uncomplicated trade:

    • Always create your own picture of your article: This will allow the buyer to get a first impression of the article's condition. Images & Logos for which you don't own any right to use are prohibited.
    • Share your private data - if any problem or question arises, you will be able to get in touch faster.
    • Agree on the payment method, point of delivery or delivery method.

  4. Terms of Safety The easiest way to protect you from being scammed is to sell or buy your items locally. Since this isn't always possible, you may choose to buy from a seller, who has to ship your order. Please heed our advice:

    • Never accept a cheque!
    • Bitcoins aren't accepted on since they aren’t safe for buyers - every ad violating this rule, will be deleted without any further notice.
    • Since PayPal Friends doesn't provide any security, you should accept it from trusted buyers and sellers only.
    • If you have a suspicious feeling about your trade partner, simply trust your feeling and wait for another buyer or seller.
    • Money transfers aren't a safe payment method for buyers - never transfer money to foreign countries!
    • Never ship your product to a foreign country.

    We hope that you'll enjoy trading on our platform!

    Your Team