Devil May Cry 5 AND Resident Evil 2 STEAM

London 05.01.2019
Game code provided at release. From my AMD rewards from my RX580 purchase. I'm expecting Steam codes to arrive from AMD at release. This is for those codes.
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Qasim Amjid

Hi, would you be able to send the code first. I realize we both don't have feedback, but can send you my Av forums account details.


Hi, do you have any more info? Is the £40 price for all 3 games of for each game? do you have codes in hand? do i need to own one of the new amd cards to redeem code, or it it just a uplay code?


Choice is for 2 out of those 3 games. I've redeemed the offer so the games are DMC5 and RE2. I believe I will get Steam codes once they are released. In terms of sending the codes before payment, that's not going to happen. You may be entirely trustworthy, but I'm not going to risk that. Payment is via PayPal and protection can be obtained by using a credit card, or meeting me in person in London.